1. Quadrant Shower Enclosure Our quadrant sliding door shower enclosures are available in many styles.
      Slotted wall jambs make this shower cubicle easy to install, adjust and maintain.
    1. Rectangular Shower EnclosureWith slotted wall jambs, this rectangular shower partition is easy to install and clean.
      An excellent roller wheel system makes the door open and close smoothly.

Shower Enclosure / Shower Stall / Shower CabinShower Enclosure with Sliding Shower Door

This line of shower stall is often called sliding door shower enclosure because of its sliding shower door design. Three types of premium shower cabins with sliding door are available here, i.e., quadrant shower cabins, recessed sliding door shower screens, and rectangular shower enclosures. Each comes in a number of styles, so as to meet different needs.