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Towel Rail

  • KK16036
  • KK16036A
  • KK16050

A variety of premium towel rails are available here. Our towel rack is made of copper, zinc alloy, or stainless steel and it comes in a number of shapes. Please check the pictures here to find a favorite one.

Parameters of Towel Rail
Model Material Size (mm)
KK16036 Copper, zinc alloy L600×W75×H65
KK16036A Copper, zinc alloy L600×W120×H105
KK16050 Copper, zinc alloy L480×W285×H150
KK23040 Copper L500×W260×H35
KK26036 Copper L600×W76×H53
KK26036B Copper L600×W131×H53
KK26060 Copper L600×W230×H96
KK33036 Copper, zinc alloy L600×W81×H49
KK36036 Copper L600×W76×H53
KK36036B Copper L600×W131×H53
KK38036 Copper L600×W270×H133
KK38038 Stainless steel, zinc alloy L600×W240×H110
KK38160 Stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy L600×W240×H115
KK52705 Copper L600×W230×H140
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