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At DEFUNI, we make the following promises about our shower stalls, bath screens and other bathroom products:
1. If any functional or material defects are found within 14 months after delivery, we will provide free replacement parts sent by express mail free of charge. If the problem persists after three repairs, we will offer a free replacement of the entire product or a full refund.

2. After 14 months, customers may still call our free technical support system. If their is any functional or material defect, we will only charge the price of the replacement part. For products that are beyond their warranty or are no longer made, we cannot guarantee that we will have the same type of parts as the original, but we will try our best to find a reasonable replacement.

3. Warranty Content Description
(1) Glass
We use safe, tempered glass, conforming to the requirements of international compulsory certifications. But glass is fragile. If the glass suddenly breaks within one year of installation, we'll provide a free replacement.

(2) Aluminum Components
In normal conditions, the oxidation coating on aluminum parts won't rust or come off. If your aluminum parts have to be replaced due to misuse or scale buildup, you may purchase replacement parts through us.

For gold or titanium colored aluminum parts, slight color differences may occur even among parts in one shower enclosure set. Colored aluminum parts may also discolor after awhile due to contact with air or light. We do not make any promises about the above.

(3) Key Hardware Accessories
If functional problems occur with the door clamps, wall clips, roller wheels or door handles within 14 months after delivery, we promise to repair or replace the damaged part free of charge.

It is normal for the adhesive strips, magnetic stripes or plastic parts to wear with age. We offer free repairs or replacements within 14 months after delivery, after which you may still purchase new parts.

4. Though the following situations are not covered under our warranty, we still offer paid repair services:
(1) Failure and damage caused by inadvertent or deliberate misuse or accidents.
(2) Damage to a product that was removed or retrofitted from its original installation position without authorization.
(3) Replacement or repairs from customers who fail to provide proof of purchase, a product qualification certificate or the warranty card.
(4) Permanent stains, molds or water scales on the glass caused by not cleaning the shower enclosure according to the cleaning and maintenance guide (below).

Cleaning and Maintenance Guide
(1) Clean glass and the metal parts with a soft dry cloth after each use.
(2) Pay attention so that water scales don't build up on the surface.
(3) Remove any water stains on the glass after each use. A water and vinegar solution of equal parts is helpful for removing stains.
(4) Clean glass regularly with soapy water. Do not use strong acidic or alkaline chemical solvents.

5. Because we are always upgrading and improving our products, the physical product may vary slightly from the sample plate in color or structure. Use the physical product as the standard.

6. This warranty term applies to DEFUNI shower enclosures and related products. The warranty information, product function, and usage directions may vary with the development of the products. We offer no special notices about it. The warranty period for customized products are subject to these terms. DEFUNI is not responsible for any damage beyond these warranty terms.