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Quality, design and elegance are the core values of DEFUNI. We carefully select our raw materials to produce excellent shower enclosures for our international customers. Quality products don't only rely on raw materials, however. Our excellent research and development team continues to improve our technology, and our production and quality control staff guarantee that our shower enclosures are made to be high-functioning, beautiful, and long lasting.

DEDUNI selects European EN12150 standard automobile-grade tempered glass which is of high purity and high transparency as raw material to make our shower cubicles and bath screens. In addition, we use advanced glass processing equipment from Germany and tempering and homogenizing equipment from Finland to process the glass. After the tempering process, the glass has bending and impact resistance three times higher than common glass. The wind pressure resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance of the glass are also increased.

We use an ecofriendly NANO technology from Germany to treat the glass and make our glass shower enclosures easy to clean.

Sectional Material
Our high quality sectional material is made of aircraft aluminum whose hardness is 12~14 degree with 95%purity. This aluminum is corrosion-resistant, ductile, and shiny after an odizing treatment. The wall thickness of our aluminum material is 1.5~3.0mm, and it may reach 4~5mm at some parts. Our aluminum materials are more tensile and strong than those specified by the national and European standards.

Made of high quality brass and 304 stainless steel, DEFUNI's shower enclosure hardware is durable and corrosion-resistant, and has a high carrying capacity and modern look. We design our own molds for our stainless steel shower accessories, and our shower hardware is treated with multiple polishings to achieve mirror-like surfaces. After undergoing the acetic salt spray test for 24 hours, our hardware accessories have proved to be up to the Grade 10 corrosion resistance level.

Roller Wheel
The roller wheels are a key part of sliding door shower screens, as they ensure the safety of users and a long life service of the shower enclosure. Every roller wheel we use in our sliding door shower enclosures has specially designed bearings with proper clearance, cage and lubricating grease. The bearings used in the roller wheels are made of 440 stainless steel whose hardness is 58HRC. The bearings are not only resistant to dust and water but also work smoothly. The material covering the outside of the bearings is self-lubricating POM which is wear-resistant and durable. After undergoing our sliding tests for 100,000 continuous times, our roller wheel continue to slide smoothly without damage. Our roller wheels have a service life of over 10 years.

Plastic Seal
The plastic seals used by DEFUNI are age-resistant, UV-resistant, and more durable than those specified by industry standards. Made of imported EVA materials, our plastic seals are soft, don't discolor and are easy to clean.

Production Equipment
Our company uses a double-headed CNC cutting machine has a high and accurate cutting speed to guarantee that our processed aluminum materials have smooth, flat edges. The four-station automatic milling and drilling machines ensure every hole in our shower enclosures is the correct size.

1. Surface glossiness test: We test the surface of the oxidized aluminum material according to CE (EN14428) to make sure its surface glossiness is up to 580°±70°.

2. Aluminum material oxidation film thickness test: We test the thickness of the oxidation film of the aluminum materials to guarantee it reaches 3~5um that is specified by European standards.

3. Salt spray test:
Our shower hardware remains bright and shiny even after being exposed to the salt spray test environment for 24 hours.

4. Sliding (opening-closing) test:
After 20,000 times of opening and closing the doors, the sliding door of our shower enclosure still runs smoothly.

5. Water tightness test:
The volume of water leakage of our shower enclosures tested under simulated shower conditions with a normal water supply pressure meets standard requirements.

6. Aluminum material hardness test: We test the hardness of the aluminum materials we use according to CE (EN14428) standards to ensure their hardness is HA10-14MPa, which complies with European standards.